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One of the things I wanted to do was get visibility into why we’re winning or losing because that’s really important to influence anything product marketing does: the messaging, pricing, sales enablement, competitive landscape—all of these things."
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Chris Kirsch

Director of Product Marketing

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The proof is in the pudding

From founders to product marketing and management rockstars, competitive intelligence gurus, and sales leaders, hear what our program owners have to say about their DoubleCheck experience! 

This is not simply a tool with automated responses, but a team that takes the time to talk with the prospects and aggregate the data with insights included in summary reports.
Darcy Moss JamaSoftware
The people are great and they are easy to work with. If you are running a Competitive Intel program and are looking for a way to gain additional insights, I would highly recommend partnering with DoubleCheck Research.
Bill Schneider fuze 10
This is not simply a tool with automated responses, but a team that takes the time to talk with the prospects and aggregate the data with insights included in summary reports.
Jeb Ory Phone2Action 1
DoubleCheck Research is consultative, completely tailoring their win loss program to your company's needs. They did their due diligence upfront to understand our company and what our executive team was looking to get out of the program. I have been consistently impressed with their customer-first approach.
Ciana Abdollahian Zerto 2
Partnering with DoubleCheck Research has enabled us to create a win-loss program focused on key prospects and customers. The interview process went very smoothly, and the end product helped structure the competitive analysis, product feedback, and sales input in an actionable format that helped us celebrate the wins and clearly address the gaps.
Mike Daecher ThoughtIndustries2 2
DoubleCheck Research's Win-Loss process is well-structured, and I enjoy working with the analyst assigned to our business. The DoubleCheck team has been great at guiding us on how to yield the most from these interviews and the takeaways that we are gathering.
Valerie Bonaldo seismic 3
The insights that come out of the interviews and reports are extremely valuable. From competitive intel to product strengths/weaknesses, the information is used across our organization to influence messaging, positioning, and product/marketing/sales strategy.
Chloe Swierzbinski Fusion 4
The complete reporting and then an executive walk-through gave us insights we couldn't have generated without them. DoubleCheck Research is a value driver for our product planning and go-to-market strategies.
Geoff Surkamer MSI 2
DoubleCheck Research is responsive, thorough, attentive, and comprehensive. They take the time to learn our business and our products and are able to extract useful and relevant information from interviews based on the expertise they develop.
Adam Levine salesforce
DoubleCheck Research not only executed a world-class win-loss program but went above and beyond our expectations. Their customer service and insights were spectacular. They went beyond most research firms and worked with our cross-functional team to drive action from their insights. DoubleCheck is a seamless extension to our team and provided great counsel in building this program from the ground up.
Rich Clayton oracle 2
What I like the best about the DoubleCheck Research team is their willingness to listen to what I thought was needed to connect to the customer to get the best information...it is the little things that make the difference to get people to open up.
Donna Rando Zebra 2
Through the partnership, the DoubleCheck Research team brought best practices in how to survey and interview won and lost opportunities, as well as clients who churn, to produce valuable insights on why we win and why we lose. The team is a pleasure to work with and super accountable to deadlines and deliverables. Everything you look for in a strong partner!
Jonathan Bedard Bullhorn 2
They have a unique ability to gather buyer feedback, develop probing questions and discern trends in the data.
Jay Roxe BitSight 3
Since partnering with DoubleCheck Research, our win rates have increased by nearly 25% against our top 3 competitors and our product development velocity has increased, largely because we're able to focus more narrowly on the key features we're confident will move the needle.
Josh Zywien Smashly1 2
Running the project with DoubleCheck Research allowed us lean on their expertise and at the same get much better and deeper insights on why we win and lose, which ultimately helps us drive a better GTM strategy.
Timmy Nielsen go_20cardless 2
The quality of the interviews and consistency of coverage in the responses has helped us draw more conclusions than we could get from doing the interviews internally. It would be hard to get the recruiting, interviewing and analytical skills all in one person and so the value is definitely there. Customers are more open with an independent firm, and so the answers are more complete than we experienced when running the program internally.
TJ Kuhny Fusion 4-1
Using Doublecheck Resarch, we were able to validate data that we reviewed on our won and lost deals as well as churned deals with the on the ground truth. Specific user stories and examples helped buttress our discussions with executive leadership on where we needed to focus. This allowed us to start the process to cater to smaller customers more broadly and win and keep more business.
Henry Washburn datto 2
The DoubleCheck Research team was extremely organized. From project kick off to completion, the team outlined the steps, stakeholders and actions required to drive the project forward. This helped drive alignment and deliver results on time.
Alex Hoff auvik 2
The reports are chock full of insights that are offered up in an organized fashion. The provided key findings and recommendations are helpful in driving change in the organization and elevating the most important feedback to all audiences. Our department has known of some of the areas of opportunity that we haven't been able to influence change in, but now that it's in a report and from the mouth of a prospect or customer, it's more weighty.
Tara Wade Benefitfocus 4
DoubleCheck Reaserch was thoughtful and consultative when designing the program, elevating it far beyond what we could do on our own. They quickly understood our business and our buyers, and knew what would be most relevant for us. The individual interview reports were fantastic, as were our weekly check-ins with the research team, who was able to provide more insight and color for each interview. We found a lot of value in the executive summaries, where the DoubleCheck team was able to pull out trends and actionable insights across interviews that helped rally the team around what we needed to do next. 
Ryan Detwiller datto 2-1
Working with DoubleCheck Research has helped us to understand the backstory in a deal, from very early pre-engagement activity at the customer site, all the way through final selection. The interview summaries have also enabled our CI efforts and competitive deal positioning to take on the customer's perspective and biases, versus taking a vendor-to-vendor centric approach that can too frequently remove the customer's attitude and pre-notions on particular brands, technologies and sales teams.
Paul Senatori sitecore-1
With DoubleCheck Research, we improved our understanding of why we were winning and losing. This helped inform our messaging and positioning. What we thought was important to prospects was not. What we thought was "table stakes" was actually very important. Additionally, we changed our sales pitch and this led us to increasing our win rate.
Paul McMeekin ACI_20worldwide 4
I consider DoubleCheck Research to be an extension of the Fuze product marketing team. After working with DoubleCheck for only a few short months, I felt they truly understood our product, industry, and buying personas, enabling them to dig deeper into the interviews and ultimately get the information that is most useful to our business. DoubleCheck does a great job of summarizing key findings both in individual reports and executive overviews.
Vicki Robertson fuze 10-1
Our research team at Doublecheck Research has deep industry and field experience meaning that we get a lot of useful insights in addition to the well packaged reports and interviews. From an account management perspective, they work as an extended part of our team, meaning that communication is seamless and coordinating our different check-ins is easy, they are always available and quick to respond. They've gone above and beyond to provide additional support around our sales kick offs which has been very effective with our sales team.
Kelly Gow Mirakl 3
DoubleCheck Research is very flexible, and able to adjust as your own business changes each day. They take the time to really learn your business- this maximizes the relevance of their research. They also do a tremendous job talking through their research, their methodology, and the data to company leaders who aren't as involved in win-loss analysis.
Noah Simon cybereason1 2
When doing research on my own, I was dependent upon what the sales rep understood to be the reason why we won or lost and often this was very basic information and not necessarily even accurate. Customers and prospects were rarely honest/forthcoming about why they decided to leave us, or for a win, the sales rep wouldn't really understand what it was that tipped the scales in our favor. DoubleCheck was able to get the real story directly from the point of contact on the opportunity, and this gave us so much more detail about what we did well and what we did poorly than anything we could do on our own.
Caroline Doyle veracode 2
I like that DoubleCheck Research keeps us accountable for the program and makes progress even if we are slammed with other projects. Win-loss interviews are very easy to get deprioritized when done internally.
Chris Kirsch veracode 2-1
The DoubleCheck Research team is great at listening and we trusted them to have meaningful conversations with our customers and lost customers. Their read-outs were insightful and actionable. I appreciate their attention to detail and their analytics and trending views.
Debbie Umbach BitSight 3-1
DoubleCheck Research's analysts are extremely knowledgeable in our space and are able to go one click deeper in interviews to surface insights that are highly relevant to our industry and customer base. As a result, our win-loss interviews provide us with a rich source of competitive insights and intel which we use to increase awareness in sales and arm sellers with effective tools & strategies to win.
Miko Bird Acquia 2
The DoubleCheck Research team really understands how to uncover and decipher the buyers language to put your organizations thoughts and biases aside and really hear what the customer has to say. Whether it's feedback on the sales process, messaging, product, or product demonstrations - the DoubleCheck process captures it and the online solution makes it easy to understand the buyers experience and what you can improve.
Jessica Iandiorio Mirakl 3-1
Pretty much everyone in the company spent some time learning from DoubleCheck Research’s reports directly or by proxy. Executives from all functions pored over their findings and used them to inform our strategy as a company and the next board meeting. Sales gained a much more realistic understanding of not only why they were winning and losing deals but also how their interactions were perceived by potential clients, which truly requires a third party to get. Product Marketing learned incredible intel the informed our core messaging, competitive positioning, and buyer personas. Product Management were able to adjust roadmap with a better understanding of the market’s needs and competitive capabilities.
Tom Heys Monitaur_Logo_Grad@187w 1
The team worked closely with me to tailor the written survey and interview guide to align data collection to both validate our hypotheses and drive new insights regarding our website, sales process and executive interaction. Having a third party interview losses exposed data that was hidden to our sales team and also highlighted elements within our sales process that created friction with prospects.
Carlo Cadet cybereason1 2-1
Doublecheck Research provided us with phenomenal service every step of the way, whilst bringing a "we've walked a mile in your shoes" perspective to the engagement. Their intimate understanding of our Product Marketing requirements ensured insights that were pertinent and utilized throughout our 2020 plan and sales enablement efforts. Our sales, demand generation, and customer success teams have raved about the insights shared thus far. Further, Doublecheck Research was very hands-on from understanding our objectives, speaking to our key internal stakeholders, and finally packaging the insights into a digestible manner that was pertinent from sales rep to CEO.
Rowan Noronha zix 2
DoubleCheck Research is unique in that they really take the time to learn your business so when they are conducting win-loss interviews they know how to ask the right questions to get to the real answers that shed real insights into your sales process. And regular reviews with your analyst help adjust as you go so you're interview questions never get stale.
Rob Bois fuze 10-2
DoubleCheck Research is a full service partner. I really appreciate how available the team is for regular check-ins and ad-hoc questions. They not only help bring invaluable insights to our organization and uncover prospect feedback we would not otherwise have, but they also offer exceptional customer service and project management. I have consistently felt informed and engaged throughout our partnership.
Clara Gray flatiron 2
The DoubleCheck team provided us best-in-class on-boarding support and helped us to better define our research goals. Their approach of qual & quant research helped us to uncover new opportunities and quantify those that we had "gut" feelings about. Their research readout and thoughtfulness clearly stood out in the findings and results we received
Jonathan Hinz seismic 3-1
We have improved our win rate significantly using the insights from Doublecheck Research. We also have a much better view of the competition -- their strengths, weaknesses and their pricing.
Ed Thomas ProcessUnity 4
What we’ve seen is a definitive marked improvement in our competitive PoC close rate since the start of the win-loss program with DoubleCheck Research. We’re understanding these products better to empower the sales reps to have confidence in what they’re selling.
Chris Herrin BeyondTrust 3