Win/Loss Analysis

The process of learning what factors influence the opportunity outcome and what actions are needed to stay competitive by systematically collecting and analyzing buyer insights.  Aside from executive management, our findings are leveraged regularly by the following four teams:

Product Marketing

Leverage buyer insights to strengthen product go-to-market strategies and support ongoing product success.

Fine-Tune Positioning & Messaging
Improve Buyer Personas
Drive Demand & Adoption

Product Management

Support product roadmap development and prioritization by tracking ever-changing market needs.

Monitor Product Performance
Identify Product Advantages & Gaps
Develop New Products

Sales Enablement

Identify and implement strategies, tools, and processes to strengthen your sales ecosystem.

Measure Sales Effectiveness
Identify Development Opportunities
Track Process Adoption

Competitive Intelligence

Leverage real-time, competitive insights to develop the approach necessary to consistently win market share.

Foresee Competitor Moves
Assess Competitor Capabilities
Gauge Competitor Perceptions
DoubleCheck ensures that we truly understand our customer's perspective.
Director of Product Marketing, Veracode
DoubleCheck is an extension of our product marketing team that helps us keep ahead of the competition in a really dynamic competitive landscape.
Rob Bois, Senior Director Product Marketing, Fuze
DoubleCheck has been a critical partner in helping us significantly improve our win rates.
Ed Thomas, VP Marketing, ProcessUnity
DoubleCheck helps us understand our market better, our buyers better, and close more deals faster.
Paul McMeekin, Director Marketing Growth Markets , ACI Worldwide