How do we select the right interview targets?

  • There are four primary factors. We recommend selecting those deals that closed won or lost within that last 90 days, that went the distance through your sales stages, that was competitive in nature where a selection was made, and the deals have been vetted and pre-approved by your sales leadership team. 

We know why we won or lost. Why do we need to outsource our win loss program?

  • There are three reasons why some organizations chose to outsource-It's hard to do well internally, data is incomplete or unreliable, the belief that an impartial interviewer is able to collect deeper and more honest feedback. 

How do you gain sales to buy-in?

  • Sales teams are not always warm to the idea of a win/loss program, initially. To ensure program acceptance, we recommend including sales leadership in the initial planning process, communicate the program benefits and share our process with the sales team, work with our clients on accountability measures, and use the findings for regular sales recognition.

How do you get people to respond?

  • We have a proven approach that includes leveraging the sales lead to introduce us to their primary contact, explaining the process in a simple and straight-forward manner, and providing a “feel good” incentive. We offer a donation to a charity of the interviewee's choice as a “thank you” for their time.

Who from DoubleCheck conducts the interviews?

  • Our analysts have deep experience in the technology space having served in product marketing, sales leadership, and industry analyst roles at leading research and technology firms. Research firms include 451 Research, Forrester, Gartner, AMR Research, and Giga. Technology firms include EMC, Acquia, Documentum, Alfresco, Sun Micro, Aspen Technology, and LogMeIn.