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At DoubleCheck, we want to be your research partner! We're dedicated to providing the highest quality win-loss service grounded by experienced researchers, white glove treatment, program flexibility, and a modern research workspace.

Program Home

Unlimited access to your win-loss program home where your research library, interview summary reports, recordings, charts, online survey data, research stories, and executive summary presentations are just a click away! The best part? Your Home is fully customizable to align with your preferences and use case.

Interview Summary Reports

Following each interview, your DoubleCheck team will summarize the key takeways, surface the most meaningful quotes, curate the transcript, attach the interviewees pre-interview online survey response and interview recording, and finally publish the completed Interview Summary Report to your workspace and email distribution list.

Analysis Process

Interviews are great although unstructured data can be challenging to analyze. This is why your DoubleCheck team will analyze each report, tag content by theme, organize those tags into groups, which makes it super easy to see what's trending within your dataset at any given time. To really nail this process, an open line of communication with our clients is critical. After all, bad tags leads to bad data and bad decisions!

Visualization Tool

The tagging process feeds your Charts tool. To visualize your data, simply click on the tag group on the navigation bar. From there, you can build the chart yourselfidentify the source of the data, select the chart type, share or download the chart, or export the chart data.

Insight Stories

Many companies struggle with the best way to unpack their win-loss findings in a way that drives action. This is why we created Research Stories, a set of living, breathing research alerts focused on your most important priorities and competitors. By combining analyst analysis, key buyer quotes, and video clips, this sharable deliverable sets the stage for constructive conversation and change!

Executive Summary Presentations

Arguably our most valuable deliverable, Executive Summary Presentations surface key findings across your interview and survey data. Typically delivered by your Research Director on a quarterly basis, they are the favorite of leadership teams and boards who are less interested in the details and more interest in key insights and recommendations surfaced.

Interview Recording Library

Written reports are extremely valuable however written reports plus the ability to read the buyers body language and hear the inflection in their voice really supercharges our understanding of each win or loss.  For this reason we share each recording and use clips from those recordings to add value to your Research Stories!

Quant Survey Database

Not only does DoubleCheck provide a live feed, aggregate view of your online survey responses, we also add individual survey responses to each win-loss Interview Summary Report

Global Search

Finding what you need quickly is critical to any research program. That's why Global Search capabilities are super important. Within your workspace, you can search by program, deliverable type, tags, files, and keyword. Search will even surface where keywords show up within recorded interviews themselves!


Organizing data by interest area, stakeholder, function, or topic has never been easier with Collections. Within Collections, users will be able to quickly click in and find the Research Stories, Executive Summaries, Files, and other deliverables that matter most!

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