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As omni-channel technology provider Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud) rapidly grew its business, it had to rethink its approach to many things. The market was bigger, the competition was greater and the sales force was larger.

“We've grown more than 40 percent a year for the last several years, so there are a lot more people involved in the process of selling and serving our clients,” said Rob Garf, Vice President of Industry Strategy and Insights at Demandware.

The Massachusetts-based company has been in business for a decade, and many of the world’s leading consumer brands – including Adidas, Godiva, L’Oreal and UGG – have adopted the company’s cloud platform to innovate, lead their markets and grow faster.

For Demandware, selling with a smaller sales team was one thing. But selling with a large team was another.

“We grew to such a point that the informal nature by which we approached win-loss analysis just wouldn't scale,” Garf said.

Formalizing The Win/Loss Process 

The company had tried to evaluate sales wins and losses on its own, but asking sales reps to conduct their own win/loss interviews resulted in spotty, unreliable information that ended up buried in the CRM system.

Demandware recognized it need- ed outside help, but when the company engaged a leading outside firm for regular win/loss analysis, they got a lot of data that lacked analysis and was ultimately difficult to act on. And the firm struggled with getting companies to agree to interviews.

Then came the turning point. “We had a new head of marketing and one of the first observations she made was that we didn't have a very rigorous process around win/loss,” Garf said. “At the time it wasn’t driven by anyone internally, so we were charged with developing a program that didn't exist before.”

Along with designating internal point people, Demandware chose to end the relationship with its existing provider and engage DoubleCheck Research for ongoing win/loss analysis.

“DoubleCheck brought a wealth of experience within sales and similar win/loss analyses, plus the knowledge of what salespeople want to know and what questions we should be asking the interviewees,” said Caley Iandiorio, Senior Marketing Analyst, Industry Strategy and Insights at Demandware. “That also meant they could help us deliver insights in front of the sales team and other business units in a way that they can absorb and act upon to drive positive change.”

Doubling Win/Loss Participation

A year after engaging with Double- Check Research, Demandware now has a substantial base of win/loss reports – giving the company never-before insights into what actually goes on during the sales process and how that aligns with their buyer’s needs and preferences.

In the ongoing engagement, Demandware passes a monthly list of wins and losses to DoubleCheck Research to pursue. DoubleCheck works through the sales reps with those relationships to reach out to customers around the globe.

Participants take a 7-minute online survey that yields 80-100 data points, and participate in a 30-minute interview. This powerful combination elicits critical quantitative and qualitative findings that give Demandware a comprehensive picture of an individual buying experience and a collective view across multiple experiences.

Since engaging with DoubleCheck Research, Demandware has more than doubled its “hit rate,” or the rate of participation in win-loss interviews. So what’s the difference? DoubleCheck Research invests considerable time in building relationships and establishing credibility with the sales team. And for every interview, DoubleCheck makes a donation to the interviewee’s charity of choice as a thank-you.

“It was a dramatic shift from the engagement we had with the sales team before DoubleCheck came on board to where we are today,” Garf said. “Sales people don't have time for anything that doesn't lead to closing a deal and they don't want to be told necessarily how to sell because that's their DNA. But DoubleCheck’s knowledge of the sales process and working style have really ingratiated them to the sales people.”


DoubleCheck delivers a detailed report for every win/loss evaluation, as well as provides regular overviews of recurring trends and the competitive landscape. Insights are truly actionable, influencing decisions throughout the business:

  • Sales–Analysis reveals why customers choose Demandware and why they don’t, changes they can make to improve their odds in future opportunities, as well as detailed competitive intelligence that helps reps craft their game plans. The company invited Ryan Sorley of DoubleCheck to present findings at the annual sales meeting, where he was one of the most highly rated speakers.
  • Marketing–Marketing knows which messages resonate most with prospects, as well as what truly influenced a sale. When Demand- ware saw the unexpected influence of current and former clients on new sales, the company shifted budget to customer advocacy. Conversely, it saw that traditional analysts were not as influential as expected.
  • Product–Product teams know which features actually affect sales, helping align product development and acquisition strategy with customer desires and future needs.
  • Training–Insights allow the sales enablement team to craft sales- training programs based on real feedback that addresses specific areas of opportunity while reinforcing the traits and approaches of winning deals.
  • Leadership–The executive team tracks major competitive moves, and measures the effectiveness of how they're positioning Demandware in the market. They eagerly anticipate the most recent DoubleCheck reports.

“I find that calling what DoubleCheck does ‘win/loss’ is totally under- representing how we use it. Market intelligence is really what it is,” Garf said.


One year after starting work with DoubleCheck Research, Demandware has seen a healthy close rate jump, in part due to the actionable intelligence from win/loss analysis.

“I think win/loss analysis could be one of the most important pieces of our higher close rate,” Garf said. “The program that DoubleCheck provides and delivers is critical as we scale. I think any high-growth company like us who needs to scale their sales organization effectively and efficiently needs this type of service. Period.”

Case Study: Closer Look at Win/Loss Contributes to Healthy Close Rate Improvement