Amy Lathrop

Research Director

As a research director at DoubleCheck, Amy Lathrop interviews technology buyers and writes actionable reports for our clients, which are based on those discussions. With over 15 years of experience in project design and management, she has run international research teams, and trained analysts and sales staff. She has frequently presented her findings to C-Level staff and other stakeholders, as a primary researcher. At DoubleCheck, she enjoys delivering insights to our clients that help to create real, positive change. When interviewing customers, Amy says, “I love piecing together a cohesive storyline and creating a window into the buyers’ worlds.”

Earlier on in her career, Amy held a variety of research and directorship roles. She was principal at Growth Strategy Consultants LLC, where she worked with numerous specialty boutique consulting firms, and was a consulting research executive at Visser Research. Pivotal in helping numerous companies increase their revenue, Amy also has experience of working in exciting international settings, including the U.K., Brazil, and Gibraltar, to name just a few. A keen and talented communicator, she is also fluent in Brazilian Portugese.

Amy started her career in Kyrgyzstan as a public health education coordinator and teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina and a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania.