Vlad Plouts

Director, Data Analytics

Vlad takes bringing stories to life through rigorous research seriously. At DoubleCheck, Vlad is focused on converting large amounts of data into actionable insights and effective data visualizations.

Prior to DoubleCheck, Vlad worked with numerous organizations and high-profile clients in the market research, financial services, media, healthcare and consumer goods industries. Exposure to cross-industry research enabled him to develop a serious knack for uncovering powerful insights and an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve often complex research goals. Vlad’s analytical mindset, inner curiosity, and passion for diving deep into data drives him to innovative methodologies and bringing untapped perspectives into the equation.

Vlad is also a co-founder of Sprylytics a data integration and analysis firm out of Toronto. During his time off, he can be either found biking the streets of Toronto or enjoying a patio with a cold beer poured into his “Viking glass.” Vlad is also a bit of a thrill junkie, having surfed the Australian coast and been stranded in Machu Picchu due to riots. He has his sights set on conquering the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.