Melvin Fernandes

Director, Data Analytics

Mel is DoubleCheck's Director of Data Analytics. Mel’s passion is data, and with 15+ years of experience in research he’s been responsible for the inception of tiny datasets and multi-terabyte data stores that are the beating heart of organizations. He is known for coming up with creative, out of the box, sustainable solutions to overcome complex problems with a keen eye for data integrity. Mel’s work in the FMCG space exposed him to both local and global clients. Building teams, automating processes and systems/application development are key areas of focus that resulted from this experience. His peers and clients describe him as “reliable, collaborative, and customer-focused,” “a change maker,” and “the go-to guy,” with an ability to communicate effectively with like-minded techies, as well as to break things down for the not so technical. When Mel is not buried in a dashboard or talking to clients, you’ll most likely find him running on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto while wearing his signature yellow Oakley sunglasses. His personal goals include a ‘finish’ in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, travel to Bora Bora and continuing his work with various charitable foundations.