Julie Snyder

Research Director

Julie is a seasoned market researcher with expertise in a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies across numerous industries. She began her career as a journalist for newspapers and as a researcher and writer for IDG’s, CIO and CSO Magazines. From there she became an Analyst with Forrester Research, with a primary focus to analyze and report on technology trends in healthcare and pharma; advising clients on the impact of trends to their business model along with how to react to such trends.

Next, she became Senior Manager at M|C Communications (Pri-Med), managing outcomes research and helping build better content for this companies’ education programs. For the last seven years Julie has worked as an independent consultant, assisting clients in industries such as IT, education, retail and non-profits to help identify the best research methodologies, then implementing, analyzing and reporting concrete market research results for both internal and external stakeholders.

Julie holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island.