Heather Tunnicliffe

Client Success Manager

As client success manager at DoubleCheck, Heather helps facilitate interview scheduling as well as project and program management for clients. Given her 20 years of experience in integrated marketing communications, she is no stranger to actionable research. “Every day,” says Heather, “I read insights that I know are going to be invaluable to our clients’ efforts.” Passionate about helping clients understand their brand’s perception, she takes great pride in how DoubleCheck’s research can help drive powerful strategic decisions.

Heather began her career as one of the first 10 employees during the startup days at Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese. Here, the community research she conducted, speaking directly with customers, helped to develop new flavors and distribution partners. From there, she moved on to more formalized, professionally implemented research, including at United Airlines, where she managed consumer communications, advertising, and sponsorship campaigns. Heather’s keen knowledge of the power of strategy has been instrumental throughout her career. She loves the change that can happen when clients receive key insights.

Heather earned a B.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island and an M.Ed in Health Education from Boston University.