Our mission is simple:

To enable our clients to improve outcomes by equipping them with honest buyer feedback to make smarter, more informed decisions faster.

Let's face it. In technology, the pace of change is not slowing. Every day, a new competitor emerges, selling a better mousetrap. We must challenge ourselves to listen closely to the market and to look for opportunities to fine-tune
Ryan Sorley, Founder, DoubleCheck Research


DoubleCheck Brings Buyers and Sellers Closer Together

DoubleCheck is a win/loss analysis provider. Its program is designed for companies that want to create customer-centric solutions and experiences that are more meaningful, well- aligned, and mutually beneficial. We start by helping companies build a strong program foundation, and mature to organizational program adoption and insights-based action. 

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Make Life Easier

Done internally, win/loss programs can be challenging to build, execute, and maintain. The responsibility often falls to someone already overcommitted, and the results tend to be more heavily focused on sales feedback than detailed buyer feedback. For these reasons, programs often fail to deliver on the intended value and are often displaced by newer priorities.  

We’re here to keep your win/loss program moving in the right direction by offering you a proven approach, a dedicated team of experts, and rich deliverables. We make your life easier by giving your program the care and attention it requires, and by delivering the results that you had envisioned.


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Experience Abounds

Selecting a win/loss program and methodology that aligns well with your needs and expectations is important. Selecting a team that is well-aligned culturally and understands you, your solution, and your buyers is critical.

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Technology is our Specialty


Exclusively focused on the technology provider space, our clients range from growth companies to some of the largest technology providers in the world. Our program is built with scalability in mind. 


From simple to complex, our clients require a flexible program that can pivot seamlessly between a single product or a solution-based evaluation. Our approach easily accommodates a variety of scenarios. 


Many of our clients have customers and offices around the world. With our multilingual capabilities and translation services, important points do not get miscommunicated.