Buyer Insights - Evaluation Process

Influence the outcome by conducting an independent audit of the buying process, when it matters most, before the decision has been made.

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Buyer Insights - Win-loss Analysis

Capture key buyer insights to ensure each sales cycle teaches us what works well, what to avoid, and how to continuously improve.

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Client Insights - Renewal

Reduce the uncertainty associated with the renewal process by conducting an independent audit for both renewal and non-renewal scenarios.

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DoubleCheck’s Core Deliverables

Buyer Insights Reports

Customized reports that detail client buying habits, selection criteria, business drivers, product needs, sales experience, views on the competition, and other insights to ensure that each new sales cycle is stronger than the last.


Buyer Insights Alerts

Customized research alerts capture key trends found within your data. These clear and concise documents are ideal for shining a light on important issues and bringing people together to determine the most effective solution.


Buyer Insights Data Overviews

An aggregate view of your dataset across multiple reports. These powerful presentations are ideal for quarterly business reviews and strategic boardroom discussions.


Buyer Insights Surveys

Each survey is designed with careful consideration to your program objectives. Each question is built to generate impactful insights by being clear, concise, and ease to answer.


Buyer Insights Portal

Members have secure access to their data via Login from anywhere to quickly download the information you need when you need it.


Advisory Hours

Advisory hours represent flex time to be used to help drive the value of your program. Examples include survey creation, monthly reviews, group presentations, sales training.