Buyer Insights – Win-loss Analysis

Buyer Insights - Win-loss Analysis

Capture key buyer insights at the point of decision. Our methodology includes gaining a deep understanding of your business, designing smart survey instruments, and creating a safe and professional environment  for your clients. The outcome of our  process includes timely and actionable reports, analysis, and recommendations in the areas of buyer insight, sales performance, marketing effectiveness, product development, and competitive intelligence. Organizations with a formal and independent win-loss analysis program are more competitive, have higher win rates, and make more informed corporate investments.

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The Buying Process

Gain a view into the mind of your buyers to ensure ongoing alignment:

• End-to-end buying process
• Key influencers
• Selection criteria

Salesforce Development

Quickly determine both individual and team-based development opportunities:

• Salesperson traits
• Salesperson skills
• Knowledge

Marketing Effectiveness

Understand how the market views your organization, and determine which partnerships bare fruit:

• Process alignment
• Sales experience/ fit
• Buyer requests

Product Development

Determine how your capabilities stack-up to the competition and market needs:

• Future client needs
• Functional gaps
• Pricing model

Competitive Intelligence

Stay informed on how the market is responding to changes in the competitive landscape:

• Their advantages/ disadvantages
• Key differentiators
• Emerging threats