January 16, 2018 - Topic: TBD

March 14, 2018 - Topic: TBD

May 13, 2018 - Topic: TBD

July 11, 2018 - Topic: TBD

September 16, 2018 - Topic: TBD

November 4, 2018 - Topic: TBD


Topics for Meet-ups

Please rank the following meet-up topics suggested by members in order of interest to you using a scale of 1=of minimal interest to 10=of maximum interest:

1-Get sales to buy into and engage with your win/loss program

2-Encourage customers to participate in your win/loss program

3-Advice on selecting won and lost opportunities for win/loss analysis

4-Successfully position your win/loss program across all departments

5-How to present win/loss analysis to your C-suites, managers, partners

6-Translate win/loss data into positive change company-wide

7-How to use win/loss data to hone your go-to-market strategy

8-Apply win/loss analysis to feed your competitive intelligence program

9-Use buyer insight to determine your marketing program spend

10-How to handle, share and act on sensitive win/loss data


What is DoubleCheck Peer Forum?

DoubleCheck Peer Forum is a value-added service offered by DoubleCheck to its clients. The opt-in forum brings together the owners and stakeholders of win/loss programs in regular online meet-ups so they can exchange best practices and learn from each other’s experiences. DoubleCheck facilitates and moderates the meet-ups, which will often feature a peer speaker. Initially, DoubleCheck Peer Forum is a complementary service.

What are the benefits of being a member of DoubleCheck Peer Forum?

DoubleCheck Peer Forum gives win/loss leaders the opportunity to interact live with their peers in a secure and trusted environment. During the regular online meet-ups, members can brainstorm issues they have encountered with their win/loss program. Each meet-up will focus on a topic or topics suggested by and voted on by Peer Forum members via prior mini online surveys. Members also have access to exclusive member-only content DoubleCheck will create based on the meet-up discussions and on suggestions from forum members.

Who can be a member of DoubleCheck Peer Forum?

Any current DoubleCheck client can become a member of DoubleCheck Peer Forum.

How often do DoubleCheck Peer Forum meet-ups take place?

The meet-ups will take place online once every two months, with the goal of increasing frequency based on members’ needs and availability. There is also the intention, if members request it, to hold one or more in-person meet-up, mostly likely in the Boston area.

Where can I find out about the next DoubleCheck Peer Forum?

Initially, we will use email as our primary communication vehicle, with the intention to create a dedicated password-protected area of the DoubleCheck website for DoubleCheck Peer Forum members in future. We aim to email members a regular newsletter which will include invitations to and details of upcoming DoubleCheck Peer Forum meet-ups. The newsletter will also provide a calendar of the exclusive member-only content DoubleCheck will create for forum members.

Will I know who else is participating in the meet-up?

Yes, we ask each participant to announce themselves as they join the meet-up.

Can I attend the meet-up anonymously?

No. You can choose to be silent, but you cannot be anonymous. You must announce yourself.

How many members of my company can attend the meet-ups?

A maximum of three individuals from the same company can attend meet-ups. Our goal for every meet-up is to enable all DoubleCheck Peer Forum member companies to actively participate and contribute during the discussion. Therefore, we ask each member company to limit the number of its people on each call to a maximum of three individuals. Please choose one individual to speak on your company’s behalf during the call, while the other one or two participants are in listen-only mode.

How do I volunteer to be a DoubleCheck Peer Forum presenter?

Contact us with your topic idea or ideas along with a brief description of what you would like to present. You can reach us via the dedicated DoubleCheck Peer Forum email address or please feel free to reach Ryan Sorley or China Martens via email or phone.

Can I get a list of the current DoubleCheck Peer Forum members?

Yes, all members who join DoubleCheck Peer Forum have opted into our member listing. This listing is only available to forum members.

What information should I feel comfortable sharing during DoubleCheck Peer Forum meet-ups?

DoubleCheck Peer Forum is a safe environment in which to share ideas and anonymized customer experiences with your peers. Please be aware that all meet-ups are recorded and DoubleCheck will create content aimed solely for forum members based on what’s discussed during meet-ups. DoubleCheck’s content will not refer directly to or call out individual members but is more about reflecting back to the forum an overview of what was discussed and which best practices and lessons learned were proposed.

If I miss a DoubleCheck Peer Forum meet-up, can I get access to the recording?

Following a meet-up, we will provide DoubleCheck Peer Forums members unable to attend the call with an exclusive link to the recording. This link is only live for 48 hours following the call, after which time, we take the link down. We do not share meet-up recordings beyond the 48-hour time window.

Can I share the recordings and content from the Forum internally?

No, we ask that you don’t share the recordings. We only provide limited time access to the recordings as a service for forum members unable to attend meet-ups. Please feel free to share the content within your organization although the content’s target audience is DoubleCheck Peer Forum members. Reproduction of part or all of any DoubleCheck content is not permitted.