Customer Insights – Renewal

Customer Insights - Renewal Process

The software as a service (SaaS) model has flourished in recent years due to high adoption, lower initial costs, painless upgrades, and seamless integrations. The model has opened the door for new, more nimble providers to enter the market and threaten the status quo.  In addition, empowered users now have the ability to more easily switch providers, if they’re dissatisfied in any way.  Often, the non-renewals come as a surprise to the account team, who had been sure that the client relationship was stable. The challenge is that many organizations do not have a mechanism in place to gain a true understanding of why some organizations renew while others do not.

Acting as an independent auditor, DoubleCheck helps organizations reduce the uncertainty associated  with the renewal process. 

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Customer Satisfaction

Are your clients happy with your solution and support? Are their needs being addressed?

• Overall satisfaction
• Referenceable
• Praise/objections

Decision-making Process

How has the decision-making and approval process changed? Are new people involved?

• Decision-making committee
• Decision-making process
• Renewability

Changing Needs

Do buyers feel that your organization and products align well with their culture, needs, and vision?

• New functional requirements
• New decision-makers
• New technology environment

Business Environment

What internal or external influences have changed the business environment?

• Industry outlook
• Company health/ownership change
• New line of business


Are your clients exploring other options? If so, why?

• Competitive threats
• Key differentiators