Buyer Insights – Evaluation Process

Buyer Insights – Evaluation Process

Our interviews have revealed that buyers often eliminate solutions from contention due to sales-owned activities, such as unresponsive or overconfident salespeople, miscommunication, poor product demos, and inadequate reference calls. Few sales organizations have a mechanism in place to surface and address these issues prior to the prospect signing with a competitor. DoubleCheck, however, has solved this problem by inserting an “independent audit” step into your late-stage sales cycles.  Sales teams benefit from formal feedback when it matters most, and buyers tell us that this act alone displays the qualities of a strong partner who cares about their needs. Everybody wins!

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Buying & Selling Process

Are buyers comfortable with their sales experience thus far?  Would they like to see changes made?

• Process alignment
• Sales experience/fit
• Buyer requests

Influencer Impact

Where are buyers seeking guidance and advice? How much weight does each resource carry?

• Peer network
• Paid resources
• Industry resources

Requirements Alignment

Do buyers feel that your organization and products align well with their culture, needs, and vision?

• Prioritize functionality
• Partner expectations
• Technology

Objection Handling

What are buyers most concerned about? Have objections been adequately addressed?

• Product fit/price
• Implementation
• Company reputation


Gauge the direction buyers are leaning at key points in their evaluation process?

• Stack ranking
• Key advantages/disadvantages
• Differentiators