Bringing Win-Loss Stories to Life—A Framework For Success

Bringing Win-Loss Stories to Life—A Framework For Success


In life, it is great stories that captivate an audience, create emotion, teach lessons, and drive behavior. While some of us are natural storytellers, others are not, but wish to be.

Today, many organizations capture and share stories of victory and loss, recognizing the importance of recapping key details as a way to create awareness and as a vehicle to help others grow. The challenge is that few truly understand what makes for a great story. To make matters worse, these stories are regularly told from a sales perspective and rarely include the buyer’s view. As a result, the impact of the stories told is not quite as big as it could be, and the opportunity to impart multidimensional wisdom often falls short. So, in a world of one-sided stories told by non-storytellers, how do we create more great win-loss stories?


Ryan is the founder of DoubleCheck Research a win-loss analysis firm focused on helping solution providers improve their win rates by turning buyer insights into competitive advantage. Having devoted more than 15 years in the research and advisory space working with leading retail and manufacturing companies, Ryan is no stranger to enterprise B2B buyers. At Gartner, he served as Area Vice President, Supply Chain Sales, where he directed a team of 34 field supply chain account executives and managers. Ryan and his team were responsible for servicing over half of the company’s global supply chain business. Prior to Gartner, Ryan served as Vice President of Retail & Manufacturing at AMR Research where he headed a team responsible for new business generation and client management. It was here, during an analyst call with a frustrated CIO, that he first recognized the gap between the executive’s buying process and the provider’s sales approach. After witnessing this scenario play out time and again, DoubleCheck was born.


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