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DoubleCheck is an independent, buyer-insight, research firm focused on bridging the gap between buyers and sellers of enterprise solutions, including technology, services, and advisory. Founded in 2013, DoubleCheck began with a dream to create a simple, effective, and straightforward value proposition where experience and passion collide to produce game-changing primary and syndicated research for technology solution providers.



Our Story

Our Experience:

As research industry veterans, we have spent thousands of hours listening to frustrated executives highlight the gaps between their needs and their providers’ sales approach, product capabilities, reputation, and price. Many executives simply pass on superior solutions due to a poor sales presentation, product demo, incomplete information, or slow response time. The true reason why we win, or lose, is not often communicated back to the salesperson, or their management, making it nearly impossible to improve future results. The impact on revenue, marketshare, brand, and morale is significant.

The Challenge:

There is great value in post decision client feedback, however only a small percentage of solution providers have a formal process in place. Many companies rely on their salesforce to interview clients and relay findings back to management. Unfortunately, only 19% of salespeople actually conduct post decision interviews and few have been formally trained on best-in-class techniques. When interviews do occur, buyers share the real reason for their decision only 40% of the time, often providing “easy-out” answers such as budget or timing. These “easy-out” answers hamper a company’s ability to learn, evolve, and grow.

Our Solution:

At DoubleCheck, we track and measure the buyers’ experience within the retail and manufacturing technology space. We do this through detailed interviews and online surveys. We analyze the results and provide our clients with real, actionable data to optimize growth in the areas of sales performance, marketing effectiveness, product development, pricing and competitive advantage. We know organizations with a formal, independent win-loss analysis program are more competitive, have higher conversion and retention rates, and make smarter investments.