Insider Interview: Ryan Sorley on Win Rate Optimization & Launching DoubleCheck Research

Insider Interview: Ryan Sorley on Win Rate Optimization & Launching DoubleCheck Research

After a distinguished career at Forrester, AMR, and Gartner, Ryan Sorley has created his own company, DoubleCheck Research. Its niche provides unique value to technology companies. We caught up with him recently to get the scoops.

Tell me about DoubleCheck Research

Sure.. So after 10 years with AMR/Gartner I recently left to launch DoubleCheck Research, a firm focused on helping retail solution providers improve their win rates. We are the premier provider of retail WRO.

What is retail WRO?

WRO, or Win Rate Optimization, is a term coined by DoubleCheck to describe the efforts solution providers undertake to increase their chance of winning business. Traditional WRO activities include sales training, client referral programs, and event-based pricing strategies. We have taken a different spin on WRO. We have built a model that leverages post-decision interviews to capture key feedback directly from the buyer. We pool the data, analyze it and generate actionable insights and recommendations. This enables a provider to react, respond, and improve in the right areas and on the fly as opposed to standing still and putting their business at risk. A recent study published by Anova Consulting Group sited that sales teams who have a formal debrief program see a 15% win rate advantage over those that do not.

Do many technology providers do this today?

The industry average is only around 20%. I expect this number to grow significantly over the next few years, especially in crowded segments. When you have a rather large number of providers fighting for the same piece of the pie, WRO efforts such as this provide a clear competitive advantage.  Today most companies depend on their salesforce for feedback. The challenge is that only 19% of salespeople actually schedule a separate debrief call with the buyer and few are trained on how to conduct an effective post decision interview.

So what prompted you to go in this direction?

I saw an opportunity to bridge what I viewed as a significant communication gap. I’ve spent the last 15 years helping retail CIOs solve business and technology issues, often times resulting in a technology selection. During these selections I was regularly privy to the CIOs’ unfiltered view of each provider, their experience with sales teams, view of the perceived value proposition, and opinions on things such as pricing models and capabilities. It was always amazing to me that addressable objections such as a salesperson’s approach, a rumor about a provider’s viability, or a concern over resource availability might make or break a multi-million dollar deal. My vision is to foster a safe environment for providing useful feedback and to create more transparency between the buyer and seller.

Ryan is the founder of DoubleCheck Research a win-loss analysis firm focused on helping solution providers improve their win rates by turning buyer insights into competitive advantage. Having devoted more than 15 years in the research and advisory space working with leading retail and manufacturing companies, Ryan is no stranger to enterprise B2B buyers. At Gartner, he served as Area Vice President, Supply Chain Sales, where he directed a team of 34 field supply chain account executives and managers. Ryan and his team were responsible for servicing over half of the company’s global supply chain business. Prior to Gartner, Ryan served as Vice President of Retail & Manufacturing at AMR Research where he headed a team responsible for new business generation and client management. It was here, during an analyst call with a frustrated CIO, that he first recognized the gap between the executive’s buying process and the provider’s sales approach. After witnessing this scenario play out time and again, DoubleCheck was born.


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